The Hive is very proud to present our tribe of teachers. Each of them carefully chosen for their experience, style and likability. Our talented bunch are without doubt the best in the city and specialists in their particular style of yoga, meditation or activity.

Bex and Lucy, the founders of The Hive have carefully selected teachers who completely fit with the ethos of The Hive, and will enable all our yogis to reach their potential to
Live. Breathe. Fly. 

All our teachers have an inclusive and friendly approach in their teaching style and a commitment to curate and teach creative and contemporary classes, every single time you take a step on to your mat.


Co-founder Lucy Aston


Lucy is a former BBC reporter, now qualified children's and adult's yoga and meditation teacher, specifically Vinyasa flow, yoga for athletes and mindfulness meditation.

Lucy founded children’s and family yoga company, YOGADOO in 2016 after realising there was a real need for yoga and meditation to be taught in an accessible, non-spiritual, fun and engaging way in schools and communities. Since then YOGADOO teachers have taught thousands of children and adults in fifty schools across Bath, Somerset, South Gloucestershire and Bristol.

Lucy has practised yoga for over twenty years and is passionate about promoting the physical and mental health benefits of yoga and mindfulness to as many people as possible, whatever their age or background.

Co-founder Bex Thibault


Bex is over 500 hours trained, specialising in Forrest, Vinyasa and Rocket styles of yoga practice. Bex is also a qualified sound therapist and uses alchemy crystal bowls to deepen your experience.

Her integrative, light-hearted approach weaves together in a playful style with a deep understanding of the human body.

Bex’s Forrest yoga style is modern with a holistic approach. She is an enthusiastic teacher who loves getting you into your body to lighten the load of 21st century burdens, filling you with energy for the day ahead. 

Final Christian 1.jpg

Christian Henwood

Christian Henwood is a Hatha Vinyasa Yoga Teacher who weaves his love of dynamic flowing Hatha Yoga, with your breath, and encourage you to discover your full potential by unleashing your inner warrior. His approach to yoga is grounded in science after studying a BSc(Hons) Applied Sports Science degree and delivered with a confidence acquired after serving as a British Army Officer.

His flowing practice is accessible to all and is heavily steeped in a positive and motivational energy that is focused on developing your breath, whilst stretching and strengthening your body and mind.



Lana (50% Brit / 50% Kiwi) comes from an academic and physical sporting background. Completing a bachelor in Sport & Exercise, Diploma in Applied Fitness, Post Graduate Study in Strength & Conditioning and Body Work allowed Lana to work as a Personal Trainer, Coach and within the sport sector of New Zealand. Whilst pursuing her own sports goals and competing for New Zealand in cycling and long distance triathlon, she came to yoga looking for healing and restoration, after pushing her body too hard, burning out and having serious injuries, including spinal surgery. She has experience in Vinyasa, Yin, Yoga Nidra and is a qualified Forrest Yoga Level 1 Teacher. 

Lana approaches yoga from a healing perspective, seeing the magic of holding an open, non-judgmental and safe space for students to move within and allow a well structured practice to connect to the physical body, mind, emotional and spiritual self. She believes that Yoga has the power to change lives and aims to offer a practice that anyone can be a part of, through intention, planning and community - yoga can offer so much both on and off the mat.

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Chloë Knowlden

CK comes from an incredibly varied dance background, graduating in 2017 with a (BA)Hons in Contemporary Dance. Chlöe’s grounding in contemporary dance and vinyasa Yoga creates a fiery blend of the two disciplines. She brings to bear pranayama, meditation and movement techniques learned from The Sacred Fig, during her Yoga training in Bali, which unite to unearth a strong and powerful practice. 

Following a severe spinal injury during Chloë’s dance training, she brings a restorative energy to her training style, which actively combats physical and mental strains of the modern world. She loves to bring an element of play into Yoga; not taking yourself too seriously is key in her class! 

CK will be teaching a Vinyasa Flow class every Thursday 6.30-7.30pm 



Recently arrived from London to Bath. Aussie raised Claude has a background in physical theatre and film and has since her own teenage years found exercise and movement to be the best antidote to the day to day stresses of modern life.

 Claude is a highly attuned and creative therapist and teacher who creates a nourishing space for clients to rebalance mind, body and spirit. When not offering deep bodysoul work (Ayurvedic Yoga Massage ) (Reiki) (TensionTraumaRelease). 

 Her classes aim to be accessible for everyone and hope to leave you uplifted and inspired. Her teaching style is relaxed and playful yet her classes aim to make you work. Claude combines  rhythmic yoga, strength and conditioning, fitness training and sacred flow into her classes. 

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carly “pROJECT hb”

Come and move your body with Carly! You’ll leave feeling empowered, confident and grounded in your brilliant body! Joyful, feel-good fitness is her mission. Carly will challenge you until you believe in yourself!

Final Jess hands.jpg

Jessica Till

Jessica began her career in 2003 as a holistic therapist, travelling the world working as a massage therapist and reflexologist. Since then Jessica has qualified as a personal trainer and Ashtanga yoga teacher. Her experience of massage, PT and yoga gives Jessica a thoroughly unique understanding of the body, with a truly holistic approach.

With a friendly and relaxed teaching style, with absolutely no judgement or pressure, Jessica keeps the traditional element of Ashtanga yoga, but with a focus of deeper stretching, especially for the hips and hamstrings, ideal for those who exercise regularly. Leaving your body energised, restored and relaxed.


Jane Dziadulewicz

Like many people, Jane did not think yoga was for her. Moving on a few years, yoga has completely transformed her life and she is passionate to share these benefits with others. Jane’s teaching style is intuitive and welcoming and she teaches Hatha yoga, gentle Vinyasa flow, Yin, Yoga Nidra and restorative classes.  Jane loves to use music, oils and candles in some classes to create a beautiful sensory experience.


BREE oliver

Interweaving breath and movement, Bree's classes create a moving meditation. Encouraging a space for people to connect the mind and body through dynamic breath and play, Bree endeavours to allow students to find a balance between effort and ease. Her accent may give her away as she is originally from Chicago but has been living, practicing, and teaching in the UK for the last five years. Trained with British Wheel of Yoga Bree teaches Vinyasa Flow, Yin, Restorative Yoga and Yoga Nidra.

amywilliams 2.jpg


We are very proud to have Winter Olympic Gold medalist, Amy Williams as part of The Hive Tribe as our Strength & Conditioning Consultant. Amy will be running workshops, training and other events at the studio. After recently qualifying as a personal trainer, Amy wants to pass on her enthusiasm and experience for health, fitness and wellbeing to others.

Amy says: “I am so looking forward to this new stage of my life, where everything I have learnt can be passed on to others. It is so important to understand the relationship between your physical and mental health and vice versa. I am particularly passionate about helping women find their strength and fitness during and after pregnancy, and keep motivated for exercise throughout, and I am excited about what the future holds.”

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merry taylor

Merry is a Reiki practitioner and teacher and is particularly drawn to the dance like quality of Vinyasa Flow, Baptiste style yoga and Hatha Flow. Merry’s approach to teaching is light hearted and helping yogis students practice at their pace and level.


shanti faIia

Shanti spent over a decade as a city lawyer with a deep curiosity and commitment to training in energy healing modalities and yoga in her free time. She now runs a healing and coaching practice as a ThetaHealer and ThetaHealing Instructor, Breathwork Healer, Reiki Practitioner, Qi Gong and Yoga Teacher. She weaves all of these different practices and teachings into her work. 

For Shanti, yoga is a doorway to awakening ourselves to who we truly are, a doorway to finding inner stillness - returning to ourselves over and over again. In that returning we find where home is, and we cultivate and allow the space we need, both physically and mentally, to consciously create our lives.