Bex Thibault (left) & Lucy Aston (right)  Co-Founders of The Hive

Bex Thibault (left) & Lucy Aston (right)
Co-Founders of The Hive

The Hive was named after our home, Beehive Yard. But more than that The Hive symbolises a place where all of us worker bees, queen bees, brood (young bees) or any of the other 20,000 types of bee there are in the world can come together to work, to produce something amazing, and fly away again.

Founded by best friends and yoga teachers, Bex Thibault and Lucy Aston, the ethos of The Hive is Live, Breathe, Fly.  So many of us live busy, buzzing lives. Sometimes we need a place to stop, to realise what we do, what we have and who we are. The Hive is that place.

Set back from the bustling, vibrant Walcot Street area of beautiful Bath, The Hive is a modern and contemporary yoga studio and a sanctuary of calm and stillness in a peaceful, riverside location.

The décor of The Hive has been designed with our environment in mind, the space is filled with plants and greenery and built with natural, sustainable materials where it was possible. We aim to be a plastic-free studio in try and do our part for our planet. So much so, that every member of The Hive is given a miniature “seed bomb” to plant to attract the bees to their area.

The Hive is  a welcoming and accessible space to all. From complete beginners to advanced yogis. We have up to six adults classes a day from early in the morning until later in the evening, including two 45 minute lunchtime classes each day. We also believe in raising the next generation of yogis and between 4-6pm every weekday we run children’s, teens and family yoga and mediation sessions, perfectly timetabled to fit around the school day.

We like to support independent and local suppliers where possible, and soon you’ll get to hear all about our retail space where we will be showcasing some incredible talent.